b. 1952, Liverpool, UK.


Fine Art Studies:-

1970 - 1981 ( Cheshire & London ) culminating at MA level in NY USA

1990 - 1991 University of Greenwich ( Cert Ed )

Vocational: 1981 - 2010:-

Master Screen printer, N.Y. U.S.A

Screen printer, Isle of Man & London, U.K.

Art Teacher, Åre, Sweden

I.T. Analyst, London, U.K.

" One must really be engaged in order to be a painter.

Once obsessed by it, one eventually gets to the point where one thinks that humanity could be changed by painting.

But when that passion deserts you, there is nothing else left to do.

Then it is better to stop altogether.

Because basically painting is pure idiocy. "

[ Gerhard Richter, in conversation with Irmeline Lebeer ]

" I believe people don't think at all. Either you write or you speak, but you don't think in any case.

The word 'thinking' makes no sense. "

[ Dieter Roth, extract from an interview with Irmeline Lebeer ]

Given: The human brain seeks (needs to create or absorb) patterns.

Whilst resident in Glastonbury I contemplated that statement.

We function & survive in this ongoing, chaotic, nuclear fallout which we call universe via the sustenance of ephemeral pattern?

As a 2D visual artist my 'instinctive' passion for creating imagery needed reevaluating in the light of this basic human predilection.

I therefore decided to focus on the basic mark ( 'Line' ) and to observe, feel, read, contemplate, probe my local landscape.

THE WORK A & THE WORK B: 2016 - 2019:

'Perceiving' Pattern:

I used Glastonbury Tor as the 'focal' point for Pattern.

The sketches, research & contextual data are summarised @

The Work (A) began with a digital map of my Glastonbury neighbourhood and a digital compass.

( Vesica Algorithm, Phi Section, Ratio Bi-direction, Ratio:Reciprocals, Vicinities of Precision, Tri-Directional Kepler triangles. )

TheWork(B) : This ran parallel with The Work A and concentrated on 'novel' concomitant elements.

( Fibonacci & Lucas Sequences, Cyclic Pisano Periods, Sqrt PHI Ratio, PHI:phi Sub-division, Radiation & Gravitation. )

THE WORK 2019:

'Stalking' the Random with Pattern:

Two Random Points on a plane.

Lottery Results mapped to Modulos 7,8,& 9;

Prime numbers transposed to Modulo 6;

I have used a 30ins x 30ins square canvas as a package unit.

The content of the Work can be contained within one package or spread over a combination of packages.

The nature of the content demanded computer software for crunching the numbers and for colour, vector line & text.

The Work has been commercially printed onto the canvas.

Reproductions of my artwork on this website are raster images & do not exhibit the qualities of the VECTOR graphics in the actual artwork.

Actual artwork does not carry the copyright banner.