b. 1952, Liverpool, UK.


Fine Art Studies:-

1969/70 - 1981 ( Cheshire & London ) culminating at MA level in NY USA

1990 - 1991 University of Greenwich ( Cert Ed )

Vocational: 1981 - 2010:-

Master Screen printer, N.Y. U.S.A

Screen printer, Isle of Man & London, U.K.

Art Teacher, Åre, Sweden

I.T. Analyst, Chester & London, U.K.

Using the basic mark ( 'Line' ) I set out to observe, feel, read, contemplate, probe, imagine my local landscape.

'I drew on my local landscape for inspiration.'

I left this place in 2018

I have used a 'rigid' 30ins x 30ins square canvas as a package unit.

The content of the Work can be contained within one package or spread over a combination of packages.

The nature of the content demanded computer software for crunching the numbers and for colour, vector line & text.

The Work has been commercially printed onto the canvas.

Reproductions of my artwork on this website are low resolution, optimised raster images & do not exhibit the qualities of the VECTOR graphics in the actual artwork.

Actual artwork does not carry the copyright banner.